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Sour Punk (Strawberry) Candy Sticks 40g


Sour Punk Candy Sticks, Strawberry flavor – Pack of 24 ( 40g each), Sweet and Sour Chewy Candies || party treats pack || share with friends and family

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  • A COLOURFUL FRUITY TREAT: Add a little fun to your day with chewy strawberry candy sticks. Enjoy the fruity flavors for a quick pick-me-up at any time of the day.
  • SHARE THE FUN: Give them as a party favor or curate a candy buffet with sweet chewy treats – this combo pack of strawberry candies is meant for sharing.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY TREATS: from errands to road trips, Sour Punk chewy candy sticks love to travel. Deliciously sweet and chewy strawberry candies are sure to keep everyone playful.
  • SOUR & SWEET: first sour, then sweet – enjoy a delicious combination of sweet and sour fruity flavors for some serious fun.
  • FAVOURITE TO ALL AGES: from 7 to 70, premium-quality sweet treats are an all-time favorite.
  • SURPRISE SURPRISE : these candies are gelatin-free


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